Phishing incident response for Managed Service Providers

Provide your customers with a defintive answer to the question of phishing with an advanced phishing incident response capability.

The future of phishing incident response, with defence at it's heart

Assuming responsibility for another organisation’s security is a significant challenge. The challenge continues to increase as phishing continues to grow as the most popular vector for compromising organisations. Historically, phishing has been an area of security that MSPs have struggled to address with any meaningful level of service.

This must change. MSPs need the ability to respond to phishing; to give their customers the confidence that they are receiving a holistic managed security service, without the glaring omission of email security.

PhishTool gives MSPs the power to manage and respond to user reported phishing emails from their customers. PhishTool provides a unified phishing report 'In-tray' and analysis console, designed specifically for teams to collaborate, without duplicating work. Reported emails are analysed using a blend of automation, guided analysis, and built-in expert knowledge, using email meta data to derive actionable threat intelligence and indicators which can be used to harden defences and hunt for exposure across an infrastructure. This is a significant advantage over the attackers, making phishing attempts much less likely to succeed.

PhishTool integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, with nothing to configure or install. The PhishTool 'In-tray' connects directly to an organisation’s phishing report mailbox, instantly integrating with any native or third-party phish alert button and existing phish report workflow.

PhishTool provides unparalleled visibility over phishing emails, shining a light an on old security dark spot and giving MSPs the opportunity to provide a valuable service to their customers - protecting them against the most relentless and frequently successful method of compromise.

Identify phishing threats and take decisive action, now

Understanding exactly how a user got phished is vital to preventing it happening again. PhishTool uses email meta data, built-in open source intelligence and guided analysis pathways paired with powerful automatic social engineering detection to provide a comprehensive insight into phishing emails.

Get smart, with heuristic phishing detection and open source intelligence

PhishTool automatically detects how a phishing email defeated security controls and how an attacker is trying to social engineer a target. This combined with a growing list of third-party API integrations means that you can 'bring your own threat intelligence platform', putting the most up to date threat intelligence directly into your phishing response process. No more clicking between browser tabs - fast, reliable and cutting-edge, stay ahead of the attackers in a single pane of glass with PhishTool.

Take action on the phishing indicators you discover

Built with metrics in mind - reported phishing emails are resolved using our fine-grained phishing classification framework and malicious artifacts are flagged, so you can take action on the who, what and how of every reported phishing email, hardening defences and hunting across the environment. Every phishing email that lands in a users mailbox can be utilised to stay one step ahead of the attackers. With PhishTool - this valuable intelligence stream will no longer be ignored, while multiple environments can receive the benefits.

Manage, engage and measure user reported phishing at scale

With instant integration into Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace environments - end users report phishing emails directly into your team's PhishTool 'In-tray', using whatever phish alert button or other reporting mechanism an organisation has already. There is nothing to configure or change. PhishTool instantly issues a notification to your team once a new phishing email has been reported, and with realtime updating - all team members know where to focus their efforts, saving time and preventing the duplication of work.

No configuration. Integrate with existing email infrastructure, instantly

The task of triaging and resolving user reported phishing emails should not be a cumbersome and time consuming process, with PhishTool it isn't. PhishTool connects directly to an environment with read only access to a phishing report mailbox. Once connected, PhishTool manages the entire phishing report lifecycle, with live updating, team collaboration and automatic end user engagement. PhishTool drastically reduces the time and effort required to properly process user reported phishing, whilst also significantly levelling up the quality and utility of analysis. It could not be easier - click, connect, done - you now have a mature phishing response process.

PhishTool Enterprise

Complete phishing incident response for professional security teams.

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