Go deep into phishing, with reverse engineering

It's all about the metadata

PhishTool automatically retrieves all of the relevant metadata from a phishing email, providing you with the most comprehensive technical view of a phishing email possible. This combined with our OSINT and heuristic detection, makes PhishTool one seriously powerful tool.

Access expert email security knowledge

If phishing was simple, it wouldn’t be such a huge problem. Our experts with thousands of hours of combined knowledge have compiled extensive technical explanations of email security issues, shown in the context of the phishing email being analysed. You'll soon be an expert too.

Easily reverse engineer attachments and URLs

From the secure browser to the first steps of malware analysis with strings and more, PhishTool has everything you need to rapidly triage attachments and URLs, instantly, in one screen. PhishTool gives you the upper hand with capability far beyond what most attackers believe possible.

Get smart, with heuristic phishing detection and open source intelligence

Get the intelligence you need, when you need it

All of the Open Source Intelligence you need to stay ahead of the most persistent and sophisticated phishing attacks. Instantly available at the click of a button.

Understand exactly what phishing tactics and techniques were used

PhishTool automatically detects how a phishing email defeated security controls and how an attacker is trying to social engineer a target. Giving you the information you need to understand the most sophisticated phishing campaigns.

Bring your own threat intelligence platform

PhishTool integrates with third-party APIs, so you can make use of your favourite threat intelligence platform directly in PhishTool. We have a growing list of third-party API support, ready to go.

Take action on the phishing indicators you discover

Leverage PhishTool’s detailed phishing classification framework

Phishing emails are resolved with fine-grained phishing classifications and flagged malicious artifacts, so you can easily take action on the who, what and how of every phishing email you analyse.

Automatically generate forensic reports for incident response

Capture a detailed forensic report of the phishing email you are analysing, use it as a formal forensic record that you can share.

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