PhishTool is on a mission to make email secure.

Who we are

Created by security analysts frustrated with the insincere approach to phishing from legacy email security products. PhishTool exists to take on the problem of phishing from first principles, because the solutions provided by the security industry so far have been woefully lacking, until now.

Our products are changing the perception of phishing, encouraging everyone in our community to take phishing seriously. Levelling up the quality of the response to phishing in proportion to the risk it poses to us all.

We have created PhishTool to go far beyond being just another security vendor. We are here to be subject matter experts in email security, a resource for all and an armoury for the world to fight the criminals trying to phish us.

The journey so far


  1. The precursor to PhishTool is developed and used in a large global SOC.


  1. PhishTool Limited is founded by James Weston and Michael Nelson.
  2. PhishTool v1.0 is launched.
  3. Community and Enterprise versions are made publicly available.


  1. Users from around the world register PhishTool Community accounts.
  2. Over 1000 phishing investigations are conducted with PhishTool.
  3. PhishTool partners with Security Blue Team to deliver phishing analysis training to junior security analysts.


  1. PhishTool v2.0 is launched, with a new UI and major new features.
  2. PhishTool gets a new logo!
  3. The new website is launched.

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