email security

Comprehensively identify and defend against the most dangerous phishing campaigns

Heuristic phishing detection

Magnifying Glass

Quickly analyse, identify and defend against phishing emails with PhishTool, the forensic-grade phishing analysis platform.

Drag and drop phishing emails directly in the browser

PhishTool forensically identifies artifacts in an email and automatically conducts heuristic analysis to detect traits of phishing. All findings are displayed in our interactive forensic Analysis Console for remediation or further analysis.
Drag, drop, analyse.

Tag malicious artifacts and generate phishing reports

Malicious artifacts can be tagged within the Analysis Console enabling a detailed forensic report to be automatically generated. This forensic report details all findings in relation to the analysed email, which can be used as a formal document to support security investigations.

Detect malicious artifacts and block them

PhishTool enables security experts to rapidly identify the malicious attributes of a phishing email. Using enriched open source intelligence, threat feeds and heuristic analysis, PhishTool gives security experts the means to rapidly implement defences against the most sophisticated phishing campaigns.

Three things you should know about PhishTool

We are battle tested

With 1000s of hours of use in the Security Operations Centre of a large London based telecommunications company; PhishTool is capable of defending the highest value targets and tackling the most sophisticated phishing attacks.

Calling all security experts

We are actively seeking security experts as early adopters, be them SOC analysts, malware researchers or Managed Service Providers - We want you to experience the power of PhishTool! Contact us.

It's only the beginning

PhishTool is rapidly growing. The Analysis Console is the first pillar of a holistic phishing analysis platform. Rest-assured, we are busy building the world's most comprehensive anti-phishing software, addressing the needs of both end-users and security experts. Watch this space.