Identify phishing threats and take decisive action, now

Understand exactly how your users are getting phished

PhishTool automatically detects how a phishing email defeated security controls and how an attacker is trying to social engineer a target. Giving you the information you need to understand the most sophisticated phishing campaigns.

Get the intelligence you need, when you need it

All of the Open Source Intelligence you could ever need to stay ahead of the most persistent and sophisticated phishing attacks. Instantly available at the click of a button.

Access expert email security knowledge

If phishing was simple, it wouldn't be such a huge problem. Our experts with thousands of hours of combined knowledge have compiled extensive technical explanations of email security issues, shown in the context of the phishing email being analysed.

Easily reverse engineer attachments and URLs

Speed is key. From our secure browser to the first steps of malware analysis with strings and more. PhishTool has everything you need to rapidly triage attachments and URLs, instantly, in one screen. PhishTool gives you the upper hand with capability far beyond what most attackers believe possible.

Manage, engage and measure user reported phishing

End time wasting. Quickly and easily resolve user reported phishing as a team

PhishTool notifies you of user reported phishing as soon as it's reported, no matter if you have PhishTool open or not. There is no need to duplicate work. With realtime updating of analysis, your team will focus their efforts where needed, without delay. Save time, save effort, better protect your users.

Leverage PhishTool's detailed phishing classification framework

Built for detailed metrics - reported phishing emails are resolved with fine-grained phishing classifications and flagged malicious artifacts, so you can easily take action on the who, what and how of every reported phishing email.

Automatically generate forensic reports for incident response

Some user's will fall victim to phishing, It is an unfortunate fact. But how will you respond? Capture a detailed forensic report of the phishing email, so you can answer every technical question that arises during your incident response process. But most importantly, use the report as evidence to stop it ever happening again.

Encourage your users to report phishing by keeping them in the loop

Sometimes users feel that they are reporting phishing into a black hole. But responding to every reported phishing email is time consuming, right? Wrong - PhishTool will automatically report the findings of a reported phishing email back to a user with simple explanations, rewarding users and keeping them engaged.

No configuration. Integrate with your existing email stack, instantly

Instantly integrate with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace environments

PhishTool connects directly to your environment with read only access to your phishing report mailbox. Once connected, PhishTool manages the entire phishing report queue process. Click, connect, done - It couldn't be easier.

Leverage your existing phish alert button, or any other report mechanism you already have

There is nothing to install. PhishTool can work with whatever phishing report mechanism you already have, there is no need to make changes to user awareness training or any other processes for end users. PhishTool will piggy-back on to your existing workflow. Simple.

Bring your own threat intelligence platform

PhishTool integrates with third-party APIs, so you can make use of your enterprise threat intelligence platforms directly in PhishTool. We have a growing list of third-party API support, ready to go - so you can finally use industry leading threat intelligence to combat your organisations number one threat, in a single pane of glass.

Reverse engineer phishing emails, wherever you find them

Recovered a phishing email from a compromised endpoint? Discovered a suspicious email that wasn't reported by a user? Received an archive of a phishing email from an intelligence sharing partner? PhishTool can handle it. In addition to user reported phishing, PhishTool can reverse engineer any email, from any origin, with a simple drag and drop.

PhishTool Enterprise

Complete phishing incident response for professional security teams.

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